Electronic Document And Records Management System

Electronic Document And Records Management System

Electronic Records Management System (ERMS) is a form of the record-keeping system done electronically by combining the latest technologies in record and document management systems all into an integrated system.

The uses of ERMS:

Many companies and organizations use ERMS to manage all records and documents through its life-cycle, ie, from creation to destruction.

The usual process a system will follow that creates a path by which a Document becomes a Record is as follows:

  • 1: A Document is considered to be a work in progress
  • 2: It then has to go under review then approval
  • 3: Once it reached the stage called lock-down it is potentially considered for potential publication, where it waits to be used
  • 4: This saved version of the document containing the user content becomes a formal Record within the organization.

Now we get to the second stage of the ERMS process also known as the 2nd stage of the life-cycle.

This newly created Record now has to go through a process of protection that is legally enforced and which is in the organization’s best interest and is also known as retention.

Once this Record has gone through its final disposition schedule (used) it goes through the final stage, Destruction.