How An Android Buy Back Works

How An Android Buy Back Works

Android buy back is becoming more popular as people who are in the habit of catching the latest flagship models are now trying to find more ways to fund their purchases. They can sell their old units, get cash, and use that to get the most talked about units of the day. There is no point in keeping older phones with you anyway if you are set on having a better model soon. Just make sure that you save all of your important files and pictures, then delete sensitive information like banking data. Once you are ready, follow these steps to sell your Android:

Get a Quote

First, you need to check how much your current phone is worth. Various buy back specialists will list their prices online so you could compare their offerings to find the best deal. Note that these change with time, usually every 30 days. Prices tend to go down since older technologies are replaced by more exciting prospects. You need to act fast in order to lock in the prevailing value because that is the best offer that you will ever get. If your phone is not on the list, then you may have to message the company to ask if they are interested in your unit.

Pack and Mail

Once you have found a good offer, you can follow the prompts on the site and proceed to checkout. You should be given a shipping label that you can print and attach to the box where the phone will be packaged. Most will depend on you to provide the box. A padded envelope may suffice as well. Pack everything carefully to prevent damage during shipment. The device may be denied if it sustains cracks and other blemishes along the way. If you are confident in the item’s protective wrapping, then you can mail it in to the address provided.

Receive Payment

The Android buy back company will need to receive and inspect the item before giving the go signal for the payment. This will usually take up to three day upon receiving the unit. If it is as you described, then you will be credited with the agreed amount through your preferred payment mechanism. This may be a check, a bank transfer, or an electronic payment.

Check reviews of your chosen buy back specialist to see if they are a legitimate operation that honors their word regarding payment.