The Benefits Of Hiking

The Benefits Of Hiking

If you love the outdoors and love being fit and healthy and would like to participate in an activity that combines both, why not try hiking.

Hiking, which involves trekking through natural areas over longer distances than you would normally walk in a typical day, is something almost anyone can get into. All you need is a day-pack with some basic supplies, a sturdy walking stick and comfortable clothing suitable for the weather conditions.

The Benefits of Hiking are numerous and here are some of them:

1) Exercise. Hiking usually involved trekking over uneven terrain up and down hills which means you’ll be working more muscles than you would on a regular walk along the road.
2) Stress-reduction. The combination of being outdoors in nature and exercise is one of the best stress-busters there is.
3) Fresh air. These days, we spend much of your lives inside air-conditioned or overheated and dry offices and homes under artificial light. Getting fresh air does wonders for overall health.

Every town and city has hiking trails either within the city limits or just outside. Most municipal and state parks have trails and there may be hiking areas you are not aware of in your area.