Using Urine For Acne Treatment

Using Urine For Acne Treatment

As Weird as it Sounds, People Actually Use urine as an Acne Treatment

If you are the squeamish type, you might not want to give this a try. Urine therapy is done by collecting your own pee and actually using it as a mask. The urine contains a naturally occurring organic compound that helps with the conditioning of the skin.

You may think that this is an older sister would tell you just to try and prank you, but according to dermatologists, the method actually does work and they give it their seal of approval.

It really is not as bad as it sounds says dermatologist Whitney Bowe. Urea is one of the components in urine that actually hydrates the skin, helps with exfoliation, and gives the skin a healthy glow.

Now that you know this is a real method, give it a try – it costs nothing!